Living at Bridges HOA
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2022
Via WebEx

1) Call Meeting to Order 6:10 pm (Michael)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum

Roll call:

x Michael Leighty
x Warren Tichenor II
x Don Dunscomb
x Brian Goff
x Amanda Kellett 
x Laura Kitchen
absent Avinash Kasipathy
x Eydie Leighty
x Aaron Nguyen

3) Reading/Approval of Minutes from BOD meetings

  1. January 3, 2022 minutes approved MSP Motion to approve by Don, 2nd by Amanda, passed unanimously
  2. Ratification of voting report (includes votes done unanimously outside of a meeting) 1/4/22-2/7/22 MSP Motion to approve by Amanda, 2nd by Laura, passed unanimously

    Passed Voting Results Report (none failed) - 2022-01-04 to 2022-02-07
    Account Name Issue Date Voted Issue Title
    Living At Bridges 13920 1/27/2022 Blackberry Removal Phase 1 Brightview $14,057.04 Plus Tax At $45/Man Hour
    Living At Bridges 14011 1/27/2022 Vote To Approve Sherrif Sale

4) Reports of Officers: President, Vice Presidents, and Treasurer
  1. Review of Financials Packages/Invoice Billings (Brian)

    Finished 2021 $20,400 under budget.

    TMT contract saved us $30,400 over what we had budgeted
    Electricity was $6000 under budget
    Saved $855 on insurance once Eydie switched us to our new plan

    Collected $14,500 in resale reserves vs. $8000 budgeted

    Water was 10k over budget (hopefully irrigation repairs will remedy that)
    Common area repairs were $16,500 over budget (I think we have a better handle on what needs fixing long term and can build into reserves spending vs. emergent spending out of ops)
    Legal Costs were $14,700 over budgeted amount (2021 was the first year that collections have been taken seriously in Bridges history, should be less of an expense going forward)

    We should be in good shape for 2022:
    Carrying forward larger mgmt budget so that Board members have to volunteer less of their time for 2022 activities
    3x higher budget for legal vs. 2021, more realistic guess based on actuals minus some since year 1 of collections was always going to be a large expense
    Utilities based on 2021 actuals which should be conservative given the new irrigation upgrades
    Priced in now-known specific projects for community improvement, plus more reaslistic budget for maintenance and irrigation repairs/upgrades for 2022

  2. Status of Accounts - Nov Collections (Eydie) As of 12/31/2021: Top 10 report, 7 in legal, 3 in FC, one in FC made a payoff inquiry, two top 10 paid off and another top 10 paid off most but didn't have an official statement, so attorney is reaching out for payoff. 2 more poised to go to FC once two above are completed, need votes tonight to get them ready. 2 paid in full including last month's top debtor. #8 was sent a demand letter 1/5 so will be sent to SLP for legal demand this month. #9 owes $958.88, #10 owes $415.32, #11 owes $325, #12 owes $340, #13 owes $330, #14 for $272 has requested a payment plan, mgt was to reach out with terms, #15 is $230 (self-opting out of late charges). I recommend sending all the $25 collection notice and going forward anyone who has had 2 delinquency notices and is on a third month that we sent the $25 TMT demand letter now that top 10 balances are under control. We can vote case by case whether to send on the collections. MSP Motion to approve by Laura, 2nd by Amanda, passed unanimously.
  3. Other Pres/VP reports-- Pres. report, see VPs below
5) Property Manager’s Report--VP and committee reports
  1. ACC-
    • ACC actions report: 3 applications in Jan, 3 approved (1 with suggestion to not use white rock, 2 solar panels), 0 denied 
    • Homes with unapproved turfs will be getting a violation notice and have to go retroactively through the ACC process. Update--Cathy provided a list and I responded that only 1 was approved. 
  2. Compliance- 
    • Owner occupied signs--are they all gone now? We think they are gone...
    • Parking issues--Cathy found vehicle owner's parking on 123rd today, tow signs added on 123rd. Amanda's ideas for parking enforcement were shared, A frames to identify streets.
    • Last/Next planned walk through--today was most recent
  3. Community Outreach--
    • Gift cards and welcome supplies received? Envelopes and 3 stamps were all that was left. Need to go back to August which was last one that Donella did.   
    • Prospective volunteer to VP/Board position--Angela Dirige, needs to attend the meeting first to be appointed. 
  4. Landscaping and Maintenance-
    • Brightview--Irrigation repairs and blackberry mitigation well underway
    • Split rail repairs done by city, a $9K savings from reserves potentially
    • Pond maint done by city to mitigate roots around Mainvue pond
    • White gravel outside owner fence status--still there? If so, Michael will get a new picture for next letter.
    • New graffiti on 124th path, additional dog waste being dropped on trail as of last meeting--update
    • Graffiti on back of 124th fence--vote on purchasing wire brush tool $129 plus tax, $25 wire wheel. MSP Motion to approve by Laura, 2nd by Brian, passed unanimously.
    • Chainsaw requested by Don, so we can remove our own dead trees and give them back to nature $329 plus battery and charger ($499) MSP Motion to approve by Laura, 2nd by Warren, passed unanimously.
    • Shed--don't need as large of one without the split rails $5K should do it instead of the original amount. Eydie to provide Don with the planning dept contact to call in Auburn to see if we can use the sewer easement area.
  5. Security (Warren)-
    • LPR update, March is end of 1st year--do we want to continue or buy out with one quarter? MSP Motion to remove by Laura, 2nd by Don, passed unanimously.
    • Warren to research other options for the security money savings to augment the Fdub current plan.
    • F-Dub security update--now daily and participating on FB
  6. TMT report: Still awaiting info about process of removing lien on paid off owners, still awaiting BR process. TMT now applying collection policy as of December per Sept 1 update. Still no new quotes on requested items from TMT but Eydie found a good one for both drainage and asphalt (drainage in park-got one from Landcare from Samantha, none on asphalt sealing yet)
6) Old Business
  • Tabled topics:
    • Community art wall
    • Replacement of table in gazebo
    • Painting Gazebo
    • Filling in horseshoe pits post-removal
    • Park rules sign and changes. Include times open, overnight vs park use parking status--no update--tabled until parks amenities are rehomed and added. Eydie to get sign quote and post issue for the expenditure for sport court sign. On hold for playground bids on repairs, will be included. 
    • Annexation updates
    • Rules rewrite for park parking (for park use only) and to include hydrants and any other changes
    • Little Park amenity relocation and additions
  • Main Park drainage issues--2 bids, one to build up path $1809 including tax Rainier asphalt, one for adding sump--vote sump Landcare $2285 including tax, vote to approve Landcare to perform in the fall (Oct or later once the rain starts). Not sure they will do now that they declined to bid contract. Top Grade bid in at $12,783, should we move forward? This is more than just French drains. Eydie to gather more info and a bid on 1/3rd of it. 
  • Draft Audit status for 2020 tax year (2018 and 2019 were finalized). Pending an answer from CPA on a finding from 2020 audit to share with board. Still pending final from auditors with the finding removed as it was explained as just a place holder for the new accounts opened by TMT, no statements to provide.
  • Play structures inspection report review, pending bids on corrective measures to include in budget--repairs included in reserve study budget and posts replaced in December. Still awaiting a schedule for the rest of the work. Need to review and approve scope.
  • Never received any more responses to RFP on the road sealing but the Valley asphalt bid was far below expected and Don checked references which were all very happy with their work. Michael is sending in the signed contract to secure them for August. 
  • Discussion on what we want management to do going forward. Eydie had a call with AP and AR last Friday to discuss misses. It was "promising".
  • Shed--need to determine where it can legally be located to not interfere with easements. We need to call the city of Auburn re sewer easement (Action item for Don). No change since last meeting.
  • Debit card for Don on its way here, will get pin separate for security reasons.
7) New business 
  • Open board positions to fill upcoming vacancy. Nomination for Angela Dirige to fill Brian's spot on the board and be VP of outreach. Tabel as Angela could not attend tonight.
  • Issue 13689 vote to send to foreclosure once one of the current 3 is completed MSP Motion to approve by Laura, 2nd by Warren, passed unanimously.
  • Issue 14093 vote to send to foreclosure once one of the current 3 is completed MSP Motion to approve by Amanda, 2nd by Don, passed unanimously.
  • Issue 14077 vote to approve payment plan for $200 plus dollars in arears, $100 extra per month for 3 months, no waiver of late fees and a payment plan collection fee applies. MSP Motion to approve by Laura, 2nd by Don, passed unanimously.
  • Issue 14083 vote to reject Payment Plan Request For $100 Per Month On Over $7K Debt. MSP Motion to approve by Laura, 2nd by Amanda, passed unanimously.
  • Tonight is Brian's last night as he is moving. The board thanked him for his service and many contributions and wished him well.
8) Next BOD Meeting: Mar 7, 2022, 6 pm, same meeting link as usual
9) Next HOA Meeting: December 2022, 7 pm exact date, time and location TBD
10) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting MSP Motion to approve by Amanda, 2nd by Laura, passed unanimously, Michael Adjourned at 7:50pm.